He likes living on the edge. Scared he will try jumping down. (If you look in background you can see another cat near the ac units)
Goofy Caspurr making himself all dirty! Lol
First attempt at. Doing my own acrylics!!!
Can’t forget the siblings I have GAINED as well! Happy sibling day!
Happy belated siblings day!! :D
Made a playfort for the cat. He played with it for a lil bit then decided that he didn’t want to play unless we played with him. He didn’t even want to try out the bed on the top I made for him!!
I have decided to start documenting my nail art, Even if it doesn’t turn out right. It’s a way for me to improve. :D and I have decided to start reviewing nail polishes as well! :D I think it would b fun!
So my horrible rxn doesn’t show up on pictures. Go figure! Lol 
For those who missed my fb post: 
Woke up with bad rxn all over face. Dry itchy crackin burning spots all over. >.< going to be trying vanicream soon if it doesn’t smoothe out soon. Even my gentle cleansers and moisturizers sting like mad. Crossing fingers that it goes away. It’s not good to have my face look bad when I’m trying to sell cosmetics at Walgreens. 
Other than that everything is going great. I love my new job (walgreens) and I’m getting help for a lot of my issues I was having in my health (sleep disorder & fibromyalgia.)
Weird to see the fridge so full!
Caspurr is mad that I’m not giving him any ‘human’ food while I am cooking. So he decided to attack my feet instead…
I think I need a deeper pan lol!! ^^;




There has been some confusion with the rumor that Build-A-Bear is / is not actually getting a Toothless stuffed animal.
I work there and I can confirm it is true :)
We are! Happy Stuffing :)